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The Deuce has a new (disturbing) friend!

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A thing I didn’t know I needed

I just read this, and although I didn’t know a horoscope was missing in my life, apparently it was. Until now. Thanks, jennylish, I really needed it this week and especially today:

Leo: This week, you might be worried that your brain is too weird, that you don’t know how to navigate the winding streets of your life. This week, you might feel your thoughts spinning and getting weird, and it’s okay. Try to trust your vision and try to trust the way your voice sounds, when it’s quiet, when it’s shaky, when it’s strong, when it’s loud. Try to trust the things you see in your dreams, even if they scare you, even if you don’t understand. Trust your own eyes and trust your own truths and trust your hunger for ice cream late at night.

From: http://therumpus.tumblr.com/madameclairevoyant

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Boss tells us the days of the week!

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Performance art from Boss.